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Keep Your 100%

In 2017 BNT Travel Group introduced the innovative and exclusive program “Keep 100%”

that no other host travel agencies can offer.

This program (flash sale) allows our travel agents to keep 100% of the commissions and boost sales.

What does this program entail?

The Flash Sale - Keep 100% program is unique to BNT Travel Group and creates an exciting incentive and opportunity for our travel professionals. It allows our travel agents to keep 100% of their commissions when booking with specific preferred travel vendors during specific periods of time.


How does this program work?

We promise that The Flash Sale - "Keep 100%" happens twice a month (at random times). When it is happening, BNT Travel Group sends out an email to all BNT agents specifying the exact vendor(s) and time period(s) eligible for the occurring Flash Sale.
This information signifies the following: if you book a vacation package(s), cruise vacation, or even just a hotel and post a full payment for it during the indicated time period with the indicated vendor,
you will get to keep 100% of your commissions (instead of the usual 80-90%).

The key is to stay up to date with BNT Travel Group emails and news on our private group page on Facebook and pay attention to the selected vendors and dates.

For example:

If BNT Travel Group sends out an email announcing a Flash Sale for FunJet Vacations or Vacation Express or even Royal Caribbean from November 15 to November 21st, agents get to keep 100% of their commissions from any booking associated with these vendors made and paid for in full during those promotional dates.

You booked a $3500 Royal Caribbean cruise and paid it in full. Agencies 100% commissions for this cruise is around $400, so you will get all of it, we will not deduct anything from it regardless of your split lever with BNT.

Isn't great? 


How does this benefit me as a Travel Agent?

This benefits you in many ways! For starters, this program is unique to BNT Travel Group, giving you a reason to work through us as opposed to through any other host travel agency. It also gives you the incentive to sell more services, as the commission you get to keep from doing so is a full 100%. (An increase in sales also means a potential increase in your standard commission rate at the end of the year.)


Why do we do it?

BNT Travel Group is the only Host Travel Agency that greatly appreciates our Travel Agent's work and really means it.

BNT Travel is more than a free host travel agency, it's your anchor in a boundless sea of travel business!



it is an exciting opportunity that involves a bit of spontaneity- after all, you do not know when or with which vendor the next Flash Sale will occur.


How does this benefit the vendors?

The selected travel vendors benefit from Flash Sale - Keep 100% in two ways. First, a program that motivates travel agents to book with their company means more sales and more revenue for them. And, second, an exclusive program that features their name means more positive publicity and brand development in their favor.


You can expect to come across the following vendors as part of our Flash Sale - Keep 100% program - see our preferred vendor's lis here :

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