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Be a Part of $300 Billion Cash Flow

Americans spend over $300 billion on their vacations. Be a part of this cash flow!

The value of $300 billion is quite understated. After all, few people ever sit down to ponder about the value of the number. $300 billion can buy a house for every person living in Dallas, Texas; that is right, not for every family but for every person, including each family’s little toddler. $300 billion is equal to three million times the savings acquired by an average family over a lifetime. The number is remarkable, and seems like an unfeasible one to reach through any matter. And, yet, without difficulty Americans spend over $300 billion every year on vacations. Of these billions, millions find their way into the pockets of independent travel agents, the people who help coordinate the magic of a beautiful and successful vacation. Thus, by becoming an independent travel agent, you can become a part of the booming travel industry and share a part of the $300 billion that it has to offer in many ways:

Your potential commissions are limitless

Full time travel agents may indeed earn from $56,000 to $72,000 as an annual income.

It is determined based on a 50/50 in-office commissions split. Our commission rate for all outside travel agents starts at 80%. However, the amount of money you earn as an independent travel agent solely depends on what you sell and could be much higher. Selling products with a higher profit margin such as more luxurious destinations, for example, yields a higher profit.

Choice between part time and full time

Working as an independent travel agent is flexible and convenient. If you cannot invest a full work day to the job, you can still make sales on the side, committing to under 10 hours of work a week. Working part-time usually means that you will not be investing enough time to gain random clients through marketing; your target market, therefore, should consist of your friends, family members and all of their acquaintances. Working full-time, on the other hand, unravels more time for extensive marketing, and, eventually, a higher income. As a full-time agent, you can invest time targeting a limitless variety of consumers.

Market to every consumer

People of various ages, backgrounds, and economic statuses travel. This means that, indeed, you can sell to anyone. Older, more financially-stable consumers may prefer more luxurious destinations or more expensive tours, while younger ones may prefer cheaper, all-inclusive resorts. Families may prefer cruises which are guaranteed to engage both the older and younger kids with fun activities, while couples may want an adventurous romantic getaway. Even people who aren’t very interested in vacations can become your customers, as, often times, people have to travel for reasons other than the beauty of traveling itself such as work assignments or family obligations.

Be your own boss

Aside from having full say in when you work, as an independent travel agent, you also have full autonomy over how you work. Every individual has a unique working style, and BNT Travel Group accommodates to each of one of those styles. You can work from the comfort of your home, from a coffee shop, or while on vacation. The job guarantees daily support from the host travel agency, but mainly relies on personal effort. Thus, becoming part of the $300 billion cash flow is quite easy; you can work wherever you want, whenever you want, and with the customers you choose to work with, while also having the backbone of an established travel firm that will address any questions or concerns.

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