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The Importance of Finding Your Perfect Host Travel Agency

Just like looking for a cozy daycare center for a shy toddler, a competitive college for a type A student, or a job environment centered on philanthropy for a person highly focused on social responsibility, finding the right host agency for an independent travel agent, or you, should require the same amount of time and dedication. After all, the host travel agency will become the main portal through which you will conduct the entirety of your work. Therefore, it is critical to research several agencies before signing up with just one, and base your final decision on a unique set of criteria tailored to your professional goals and work style.

Where is the Host Travel Agency?

Figure out the location of the host agency and whether it is important for it to be physically accessible to you. If it is and you feel more comfortable with stopping by the office and getting to know the employees with whom you will be doing business, then make sure that the travel agency has an office in your hometown or a city nearby.

How big is Host Travel Agency?

Big does not mean good. Smaller Host Travel Agencies usually have more dedicated agent's service and faster response time to it's agents.

Is it easy to contact Host Travel Agency?

On the other hand, you may be an independent agent who does not wish to physically visit the host travel agency, but rather relies strongly on virtual communication between yourself and the agency’s workers. In this case, you may want to call the host agency and ask a few questions about their emphasis on agent-agency communication, their average response time, as well as the best methods of contacting them. There may, for example, be a telephone number or email address that is prioritized and used specifically for inquiries regarding agents’ issues.

What is my membership getting me?

Host travel agencies often charge registration and membership fees and, in return, provide a series of benefits such as access to several booking platforms, agent training, agent's website, marketing support. It is important to read over the perks provided by each host agency and realize the types that best fit your needs. You may, for example, not need any training because you have a background in the industry, but may need assistance in marketing to new clients. You could then explore an agency that provides joint marketing as well as marketing instruction to their independent agents.

How much will I earn?

Every host travel agency presents its own set of rules regarding commission rates, and while a certain commission rate may sound appealing, it may not be very rewarding when compared to the fees that you must pay for the agent membership or to the sales that you plan to complete. Therefore, it is critical to weigh out the options given by several agencies and understand which rates and fees will give you the highest profit in the long run. As an example BNT Travel Group charges one time $199 registration fee which will be full refunded after you make your first commissions of $250 or more. Furthermore, the more profit you generate, the more your commission rate increases; starting from 80 percent, your rate can reach a whole 90 percent of total commission. So, if you plan to sell travel worth at least $250 in commission for the first 3 months working with BNT, then your membership is free!

What is this agency known for?

The travel industry covers a variety of international services: cruises, flights, car rentals, bus and train rides, all inclusive packages, etc.. If there is travel business area that you see great potential in or are simply highly curious about, find an agency that shares the same passion as you do. You can find out a host travel agency’s specializations by giving them a call, sending an email, or browsing their website.

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