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Win 2 Free Tickets to Paradise

Dear BNT Team,

We would like to congratulate you all again on the company's reaching Premier status with Apple Vacations in 2018.

In celebration, we are going to be awarding 6 free Exclusive Flight air tickets to our agents.

The top seller agent with the most Apple Vacation bookings not affiliated with their name at the end of each sweepstake round will be the winner.

  • Sweepstakes started on Feb 21, 2018 and will end May 31, 2018

  • 3 rounds (March, April, May) x 2 free tickets in each round .

  • All eligible bookings must be booked and paid in full within each round periods

  • See Apple Vacations Exclusive Flights schedule here

  • All rewards tickets include round trip airport transfers in the destination.

  • All departure and immigration taxes, baggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler and are payable to Apple Vacations at the time of guarantee of your booking.

  • Please keep in mind that blackout dates apply five days before and after any major holiday and will vary by gateway.

  • Complimentary Exclusive Vacation Flight air seats must be booked & traveled by January 31, 2019

  • Please note that each agent is limited to only 2 tickets for entire period of this sweepstake.

  • You may redeem up to two seats for any single trip, one of two passengers must be an active BNT Travel Group agent.

  • All eligible bookings must be submitted to back office by the end of each round period with promo code BNTROCKS

  • Winner of the 1st round will be announced in the beginning of upcoming month.

  • All bookings made before Feb 21, 2018 are not eligible to be entered the sweepstake.

We hope that you all choose to participate and find this opportunity exciting!

Good luck and happy booking!

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