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The Secret Seven- A Key List of Ways to Promote Your Travel Agency

Marketing can be expensive and unpredictable, especially for smaller businesses. More often than not, it poses a huge cost to the business and its effect on the success of the business cannot be accurately or appropriately measured. So how can a small business, like, for example, a travel agency, afford to market and promote itself and see take advantage of actual positive results? The following is a go-to summer list of promotion techniques that will rarely need a trip to your bank account and that, subsequently, travel professionals like you should keep in mind.

1. Birthday emails

Birthday emails are an excellent way of staying in touch with existing clients and reminding them of your travel services. Create a database in which you store clients’ birthdays and names (with their permission, of course). Link the database with an automatic email draft that will send itself out according on each client’s birthday, wishing them the best and offering a discount at your agency. This will make the client feel special, as well as incentify them to plan a vacation with your company.

2. Social media

Take advantage of the modern world! Social media is everywhere and it is not going away. Instead of avoiding or disparaging it, make it your friend. Create a social media page for your company and have clients follow you. Post appropriate content- anything with travel and taste works. This will not only fill in existing customers on your business endeavors and travel trends, but also attract new segments of the market.

3. Vacation postcards

This one applies to clients that you may know better or have had a longer relationship with. While on a business trip or a vacation, mail them a postcard, describing a few of the highlights of your destination and stay. This will not only make them feel important to your business, but also entice a desire for a vacation like yours.

4. Exciting reviews

Ask your clients and family members to leave detailed reviews for your travel agency. The modern world of technology and internet access has shaped consumers to be smarter and savvier than ever before. The first thing that many consumers do is, well, read reviews. Thus, reviews are the doors to your business, and it is part of your job to make sure that they are available and, also, insightful.

5. Networking events

Get online and research a few travel agent events that are happening in your city. Many of them are free or quite inexpensive, but will act as an investment with significant return to your travel business. Attending networking agent events will allow you to meet new agents, gather fresh industry trends and ideas, and expand your network to reach new clients and markets.

6. Local outreach

Partnering with local businesses is useful for both you and your community. Not only will you be earning clients in return for bringing business to the companies on your block, but you will also be building a socially responsible travel agency and gaining reputability in your city.

7. Evident experience

Customers in every industry are more likely to do business with those who they know have credibility and experience. That is why it is your responsibility to make your experience and knowledge noticeable. When talking to clients, let them know of your travel experiences, attended lectures, and acquired research. This is not called bragging; it’s called selling your business. And it will make the relationship between you and your market a whole lot stronger and more effective.

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