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Pay With American Express Points

Congratulations BNT Agents! At the Travel Leaders Network Edge Conference in Las Vegas (June 2018) BNT Travel Group was named one of 3 most rapidly developing travel organizations with young travel leaders under 40 in North America. It is such an honor to gain this status and recognition! Now back to business! Travel Leaders announced their new APEX program, which gives travel agents the chance to service Gold and Platinum American Express card members with exclusive travel discounts and amenities, as well as apply American Express points to travel purchases.

And the the great news is that BNT Travel Group was approved to be part of this amazing program which will attract new clients for all of us!

Pay with Points AMEX Membership Rewards is one of the most successful loyalty programs in the industry. You will have access to billions of dollars worth of unredeemed Membership Rewards® points currently sitting in the accounts of American Express Card Members. How to book and redeem Membership Rewards® points:

• You book prepaid travel as you normally do, then charge trip on the client’s AMEX card • You redeem client points on the Pay with Points tool • You submit a transaction log to TLG for AMEX audit • Client sees redeemed points as credit on their card statement

Participating Vendors Most of the airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, hotel chains and car rental companies.

Program Eligibility Is this program valid for all American Express cards? Only the following four American Express cards* are eligible for the APEX program:

• Premier Rewards Gold Card (aka the Gold Card) • Business Gold Rewards Card (aka Business Gold Card) • Platinum Card® • Business Platinum Card®

*This program is not offered on co-branded American Express cards.

Is this program available to agencies outside of the United States?

Currently, the Apex program is only available to agencies with offices in the U.S. How do I qualify to participate in the APEX program?

Each agency and participating agent needs to meet the program requirements. For example: be an agent/agency in good standing with Travel Leaders Network, have Errors & Omissions insurance, enroll in auto-draft for payment of bonus incentives, etc.. Agency Owners/Managers and Independent Contractors (ICs) need to sign the APEX participation agreement, and all agents must comply with the program’s standards and procedures. Because of these special guidelines from American Express, when BNT Travel Group offers this program to our independent agents, we will have certain criteria in place to ensure that only agents who are committed to learning and following the program’s guidelines can use this service. Not all agents are eligible for this program.

Agent's Benefits

You, as a participating agent, will have the ability to redeem Membership Rewards® points for your clients' travels, provide exclusive travel offers to holders of select American Express cards, and earn incentives for approved card referrals. You get to keep your client throughout the entire process, and make all your eligible commissions on points.

In the near future, you will have limited use of the Membership Rewards® branding in your marketing and you will be able to book select Platinum Card® travel benefits.

Client's Benefits Your clients will have exclusive access to The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group, which entitles them to free amenities and/or savings on bookings with top air, cruise, car, vacation package and tour suppliers. Most of these offers are even combinable with other marketplace offers.

You will also be able to redeem your American Express Card Membership Rewards® points for any eligible prepaid travel purchases. Not only will you earn your standard supplier commission, but you will also create a new competitive advantage for your agency. Now your client will be able to do everything with their favorite agent…YOU!

And, keep in mind, access to the Travel Collection is complimentary (opt-in) for card members with one of the four select American Express cards.

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