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Introducing APEX

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

BNT Travel Group is an official American Express Pay by Points Agency.

Pay With Points

Amex Membership Rewards is one of the most successful loyalty programs in the industry.

You will have access to billions of dollars worth of unredeemed Membership Rewards® points currently sitting in the accounts of American Express Card Members.

Benefits for you as a Travel Agent

​Redeem points for an entire trip or any portion of it with your client’s points supplier pays you your standard commission,

just like on credit card charges - a great way to upsell your client to a higher category with their “found money”

With this new program comes special trips and offers for clients, but also many challenges in terms of banking compliance and standards.

Agents will also be required to produce sales of Gold and Platinum cards, as well as upgrades to Gold or Platinum.

Because of these special requirements from American Express, when BNT Travel Group rolls this program out to our independent agents, we will have certain criteria in place to

ensure that only agents who are committed to learning and following the program’s guidelines can offer this service.

How to book & redeem Membership Rewards® points

  • You book prepaid travel as you normally do, then charge trip on client’s Amex card

  • You redeem client points on Pay with Points tool

  • You submit transaction log to TLG for Amex audit

  • Client sees redeemed points as a credit on their card statement

Who is participating?

Most of the Airlines, Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, Hotel chains & Car rental companies

I'm I eligible to be a part of this program?​

Throughout our meetings with Travel Leaders Network, we have learned that this is not a program for an ultra part-time agent or someone who looks at their business as a hobby.

It will require a high standard of compliance, so please be prepared for this if you want to participate.

Interested? Contact our support desk!

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