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Yes! We Did Again!

Hello BNT Agents and congratulations! In one of the most challenging years in the travel industry, BNT not only survived 2021, but prevailed. Your hard work, agility, and perseverance has paid off, and all of us at BNT are extremely appreciate your partnership and loyalty.

Based on your 2021 sales performance, BNT Travel Group has earned Emerald status in our 2022 and now part of ALGV Elite top accounts.

You earned it, so brag about it! Let your loyal clientele and potential customers know that yours is a highly reputable, successful travel agency recognized as such by ALG Vacations®, the nation's leading vacation company.

All 2022 ALGV Elite agencies have exclusive access to various Elite support desks:

Reach ALGV by phone: Call 1-866- ALG-DESK for your pre-travel or during travel FIT needs. Enter your VAX ID (see Quick Guide), and your call will be automatically routed to an ALGV Elite specialist at your earned level, providing greater efficiency and personalized service.

New for 2022! Contact by email: (see Quick Guide) for all your FIT pre-travel needs for all brands. Be sure your VAX profile is up to date, so our system recognizes your email and routes it to the appropriate Elite support desk (go to Member Services, and click on the Personal Information link to update if needed). Our other FIT pre-travel email addresses will be shut down soon so please start using new one today.

Chat us up! Chat is a highly efficient way to communicate with us, so if you have it, we encourage you to use it as much as possible. We're well on our way to making it easier than ever. Soon, when Elite agencies enter their` VAX I.D., the chat will be automatically routed to the appropriate ALGV Elite specialist team.

Once again, congratulations and a huge thanks from BNT family!

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