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Become A Certified Sandals & Beaches Specialist

Introducing Sandals & Beaches Resorts!

Our growing partnership continues to leave its mark on the travel industry and it is because of our agents enthusiasm and dedication to Sandals that we are able to stay true to our promise and give our guests even "More" quality inclusions.

Sandals Resorts International has rolled out its new innovative commission program for travel agents–Points to Paradise.

This industry-shifting initiative allows travel agents to earn more per booking, with every net room dollar booked earning a corresponding one point towards a travel agent’s own Sandals vacation.

All commissionable rooms are eligible for Points to Paradise, no matter the number of guests booked–couple, family or social group.

This new program allows Sandals to more directly reward and thank agents for all of your hard work and loyalty to the Sandals brands with the best gift of all –a relaxing getaway to the Sandals property of your choice.

We offer you, our agents to join Certified Sandals Specialist Programs today free of charge that is designed to benefit travel agencies and travel agents with an ongoing process of product education, resources, and substantial sales and marketing support.

It pays to be Sandals Specialist in a big way!

If you made the decision to market and advertise with Sandals and Beaches Resorts and getting started is easier than you may think with very useful and easy to use marketing tools.

Interesting? Contact our Support Team to get an access to Sandals Travel Agent's Portal!

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