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Become a United Vacations Travel Advisor!

Hello BNT Agents,

Did you know that you can find better vacation deals at United Vacations if United Airlines flights are involved in the vacation package?

Check out the perks of booking with United Vacations below to see why we're the best choice for all your client’s travel needs.

  • The best price is guaranteed when you bundle, book, and save to any of our more than 270 destinations

  • Industry-leading educational tools and resources to help you drive more sales

  • Dedicated vacation specialists delivering exceptional service and support

  • Upgraded amenities with the exclusive All-Inclusive program, not available through any other tour operator

  • Travel Protection Plans that ensure vacation investments are protected

  • Reserve your vacation for only $250 per person and pay the rest later

  • up to 72-hour holds with locked-in savings

United Vacations is available for booking through VAX Vacation Access. If you still don’t have an account with VAX, please contact our Support Team!

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