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Begin Your Own Travel Agency with Ease!

Starting a travel business from scratch is far from easy; we have experienced the process ourselves 18 years ago.

But, please, don't worry! BNT will support you as a travel agent or something more!

As the need for quality customer service grows day by day, the entrepreneurial efforts of small businesses and self-employed workers rapidly come to the forefront of the average consumer’s experience. We at BNT Travel Group value the importance of professional person-to-person communication, particularly in the world of travel. Travelers and vacation-goers depend on the assistance of equally reputable and mindful independent travel agents and travel agencies every day!

For this reason, our host travel agency encourages our travel agents to carefully make the decision to either promote their existing independent travel agencies, start their businesses from scratch, or build a client base as part-time or full-time travel agents. After joining the BNT Travel Group family by paying a one-time, fully refundable registration fee of $199, all travel agents—veteran and new—receive our free specially tailored program, host travel agency support and travel agent license, in addition to other amenities (such as FAM trips, social media marketing tutorials and a monthly “Keep 100%” event exclusive to BNT travel agents If a travel agent chooses to begin their own business, we are always ready to assist their entrepreneurship once they have become confident in their own abilities and have built up a steady client base (this most often than not happens over a matter of 6 or more

months). As a host travel agency that has been successful for over 16 years, we know where to start when creating a business and what choices to make when running it. A few important things to keep in mind when establishing an independent travel agency are to be resourceful, mindful of travel agency regulations and clear with technical aspects (such as ownership and finance monitoring). It is also imperative for a travel agency to have a niche market that its travel agents specialize in and to advertise accordingly. Clients should always have an idea of what kind of travel a travel agency books! For more tips on starting a travel agency, visit our website: (

We look forward to working with you! Enroll today!

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