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Blue Diamond Resorts Travel Agent Reward Program

Booking lot of Royalton Luxury Resorts, Planet Hollywood Resorts and other Blue Diamond Resorts? Sign up for rewards program for travel agents and start earning extra cash per booking!

What is the BD Agent Rewards Program?

The Blue Diamond Agent Rewards program is a loyalty program where travel agents located in the U.S can earn points for booking stays at Blue Diamond Resorts.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points for any Blue Diamond Resort (excluding Cuba) booking with a minimum 3 night stay as per the following;

  • Per Room Night Standard --- 500

  • Per Room Night Upgraded --- 1000

  • Per Room Night Diamond Club --- 1500

Please note that when you submit a booking; you will be asked to select the room type booked which will be verified prior to point confirmation.

Is there a maximum amount of points I can convert at any given time? Yes, you can only perform one value load (redemption) at a time. The maximum value load per card is $10,000, which is also the maximum value your card can have. Some retrictions also apply based number of loads in a 7 day period, and per month.

What is the value of the points?

Points can be converted to cash based on the following;

  • Each point is equal to $0.01 for example; 5,000 points = $50

Is there a limit to the points that I can earn in any given time period?

Easy Question. Nope!

Do the points expire?

Points do not expire.

Happy Selling!

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