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The internet has completely changed the way we conduct travel business today. The contemporary consumer will easily and independently get all the information they require on destinations and even book their trip online at the click of a mouse. Hence, today, every professional travel agent has to go above and beyond their call of duty to attract and retain clients, with added value service.

With these clever tips to retain your customers, you will be assured to stay in business long after others have closed down theirs.

Inspire Trust

As a travel agent, all you need to remember is that your clients are coming to you because they need to trust you. Don’t let them down! As much as you need to make a sale--otherwise, why are you in business--don’t let it stop at business. If you are well-informed and confident in the advice, you give to your clients, and the services you provide, then prospective clients will be confident in you too. Not to mention your existing clients will not look elsewhere.

Sell an Experience

The modern customer has access to the internet which in turn has opened up a whole new world of travel at the click of a button. For this reason, now more than ever, travel agents need to sell experiences that will make them memorable in their clients’ mind. Identify where the demand is in travel and focus your services and marketing efforts there.

Create a Web Presence

In the spirit of selling experience, ensure that you have an up and running website or travel blog. Your website will stand out if it is visually appealing and memorable. Invest in a quality website that is easy to navigate. Use your website to share tips and travel information to help establish you as an authority in your field. Use your position to connect with existing as well as prospective clients by answering their questions thus build a reputation.

Offer a Personal Touch

There is no career that needs a personal touch like that of a travel agent. Most people planning a trip want to feel reassured that they can reach you as their agent any time in case they run into a challenge. Be available to your clients; carry a smartphone so you can have access not only to your calls but emails as well. Promptly reply to both first-time inquiries as well as queries from existing clients so you can build their confidence in you—that their needs will be handled satisfactorily.

Establish Your Niche

With everyone doing what everyone else can do in the travel industry like booking flights and accommodation, your travel agency needs to set itself apart. Decide on an area of travel that you want to specialize in, research it and market it. Become more useful to your clients either by offering packages that are harder for an average client to find by just scouring the internet, or specialize in a specific route like Albania; or even a travel destination like Lamu. Focus on a few and be the go-to-expert.

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