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Closing Travel Sales Are Easier Than You Think

You can be a dedicated travel agent; have interested customers, great suppliers, vendors and a thorough knowledge of the travel business or knowledge of how to become a travel agent and even having best connections with your host travel agency with deals on the travel market. But if you can’t close a sale, you are short of spinning your wheels.

Here are three major reasons why closing sales is easier than you think.

At The Very Least, You Are Solving Someone’s Problem

At its basic, closing sales is simply solving someone’s problem in exchange for the commissions. As a professional travel agent, overcoming clients’ obstacles is a big part of getting customers to say yes. Obstacles are the walls that you must knock down in order to close that sale. The two biggest obstacles happen to be time and money.

You have to be in a position to offer people exactly what they are looking for. In order to do that, you have to do your research and create solutions that are specific to their needs. This makes them feel like the service is tailor-made just for them hence making sales easy.

The Right People are Itching to Pay You

Whether you work at a travel agency or you are planning to start travel agency from home, people want to pay you to take care of their travel needs. Nonetheless, when it comes to closing sales, you need to concentrate on the right people.

Here’s a fact, you are not meant to work with everyone; and your business certainly cannot solve everyone’s problems. Furthermore, you can only work with people who are willing to pay for your service. For this reason, it is important to work with people who have the right mindset. You can accomplish this by strategically marketing your travel business and services as travel agent. This will attract the right people and deter the wrong ones. Set up application criteria for consultations to profile your prospective clients. And only start the consultation process if the prospect meets certain criteria.

Next, set up a grading system that has several offerings available for people who are at different levels. It may take some time to figure out who the right people are, but these techniques are extremely helpful in profiling your prospective clients. This will quickly help you to learn your clients, those you can effectively help, and those you cannot.

It Has More to Do with You than Your With Your Clients

And finally, the best piece of advice for the beginners is to understand that closing sales has everything to do with your mindset than with your prospective clients.

This is because closing sales eventually brings up some of the following:

· Any issues you may have regarding assertiveness.

· Imposter syndrome.

· Your mindset regarding asking for payment.

· Your doubts about your skills.

· Your faith in abundance.

At the end of the day, this is a mental game and your money mindset does play a huge role in closing sales. You can have all the sales skills, however if your mindset is not right, you still won’t make money. But the good news is that this is entirely in your control.

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