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Start Selling Club Med!

Our growing partnership continues to leave its mark on the travel industry and it is because of our agents enthusiasm and dedication to our brand.

Today we are happy to introduce our partnership with Club Med – All Inclusive Expertise since 1950. Club Med strength lays in its 70-year legacy and expertise in the hospitality industry, committing to bring happiness, safety, consistency, and the distinctive Club Med Spirit to all guests! Club Med ultra all inclusive resorts locations:

  • Florida

  • Mexico

  • Caribbean

  • Canada

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • Asia

  • Indian Oceania

Interested in selling Club Med? You can sign up (self registration is allowed) here to find out more about Club Med destinations across the globe ultra all inclusive resorts, promos, marketing materials and much more. You can check their current prices online at that include agent’s commissions. Unfortunately, Club Med agent's booking search engine is outdated (Club Med’s management is aware of it and working hard on upgrading it to a better version soon). That’s why as of now the only and fastest way to book is to call Club Med at 855-251-5463 and book your client’s vacation with dedicated Club Med travel agent's advisor (you will be asked BNT Travel Group IATA which you can find in your Quick Guide).

Happy Selling!

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