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COVID-19 Update and Guidance

Dear BNT Travel Group Independent Agents,

We would like to reach out to all of you to let you know we are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely along with you and recognize the impact it has on the travel industry and on our joint business.

We want you to know that we are in this with you. Although it won't be possible to compensate everyone’s losses, we would like to offer a sign of support to express our solidarity. Hence, we will be providing an additional 5% commission bonus on the top of your agent commissions for bookings submitted between March 12 and March 31, 2020.

The bonus will be added to your monthly commission payments automatically.

Besides that, we will be offering complimentary extension of our six-month contract term (that requires agents to make minimum $350 in agent commission) to nine months for new independent agents who enrolled with us on or after February 1st, 2020.

Many of you have been part of the BNT Travel Group family for months or even years and have experienced unexpected events that may cause temporary issues and challenges, like this one. Recall that those storms were withstood successfully and be sure to encourage each other and our new agents who have not been tested yet to be positive and forward-thinking.

Please make sure to be patient with your customers who are worried for a reason and make all necessary attempts to comfort and cool them down. We also recommend emphasizing to your clients that we do not suggest immediate cancellation of their travel if it commences in 2-3 months from now or later, as the situation may change drastically in the near future. Besides that, if the situation is still serious closer to the time of your clients’ departure, it may be easier and faster for them (and for you) to obtain a full refund or a full credit for their arrangements if they cancel at the time when vendors will have a specific cancellation policy in place corresponding with their travel dates and/or destinations.Please also note that at this time it may be difficult to reach out to vendors over the phone due to the lines being overwhelmed with calls, therefore we urge you and your customers to be patient and, if possible, try to contact vendors at a later or at a different time.

Please also keep in mind that most of our preferred tour operators, cruise lines and airlines publish updates and their policies regarding COVID-19 on their websites which we highly recommend for you and your customers to check regularly. We will be providing further updates and news here, in our travel agent as well as in our internal Facebook group.

Considering the entire situation with the travel worldwide, we would like to remind you to strongly recommend purchase of travel insurance to all your customers booking with you now or later.Most of all, please remember that our office is open as normal, our specialists are working, and we are here for you ready to assist you in any way we can.

Konstantin Erokhin


BNT Travel Group

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