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Happy National Travel Agent’s Day!

We at BNT work very hard and go extra miles to please our clients to make sure they have the trip that they wanted. We pay attention to all details of their trip such as room location, birthdays, anniversaries, seat on the plane, etc. Sometimes we expect to control the weather and things that out of our control such as flight delays and cancellations. And it is not fare, sure. But we handle it well! And now, more than ever, the value of booking with a travel advisor is clear. When things go wrong, we are just one call away to help.

We know that travel agents make magic happen. You’re more than just travel agents; you are the advocates for the traveling public. And even more, travel agents are thriving more than ever.

We want to thank all of our agents, colleagues and let you know that your amazing work is greatly appreciated! We also want to thank all our loyal customers! We will not be able to succeed without your support!

Today BNT Travel Group celebrates the true faces of travel - BNT travel agents.

In recognition of this special day BNT Travel Group announces the month of May as a BNT Travel Agent’s Appreciation Month.

All paid in full bookings are eligible for additional 5% commissions bonus.

Booking time frame: from now till May 31, 2020

Promo Code (when submitting the bookings) in our back office: BNTMAY5

Enjoy your special month!

Stay Well!


BNT Travel Group Team

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