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How do travel agents make their money?

Earn big with BNT!

All travel consultants - regardless of experience level - deserve to earn high commissions for the work that they do. Our host travel agency is committed to training travel agents to know their worth and earn their work’s due.

Every BNT travel agent has the ability to utilize their skills to genuinely provide customers with outstanding vacations. Here’s how easy it is to get started: Pay $199 refundable (terms and conditions apply) registration fee, sign the contract online. First, our management team runs a background check within 48 hours of a travel agent’s application for BNT. If application approved, our management team then sends a welcome email to the new recruit, and our support team assists the new travel agent with receiving all of our host travel agency’s benefits.

It’s always best to start something with a little help. Every person learns in their own way and at their own pace, so our host travel agency provides all entering travel agents with a comprehensive orientation session based on their level of travel business knowledge.

Once a new travel agent is ready to begin working, they can check out our preferred tour and travel partners’ available commissions and begin booking. Our BNT Travel Group support team is always on hand to provide assistance and recommendations if needed.

All agents - beginner and advanced—receive at least 80% and up (based on loyalty) of the 10-40% base fare our suppliers offer in commissions. A travel agent’s commission may go something like this: A beginning BNT travel consultant books a Caribbean vacation package worth $3,967 for a customer. After excluding non-commissionable costs (taxes and fees outside of the cruise line’s jurisdiction), $634 is up for grabs: roughly 16% of the package. Finally, BNT deducts 20% from the base fare and the travel specialist who booked the cruise package earns $507 in commissions (based on 80% commissions)

Once a travel agent earns their first $7500 in commissions, they will receive 85% of their commissions. After they reach $10,000 in earnings, they will earn 90%. This means that a mid-level BNT travel specialist will receive $538 for the Caribbean vacation package and an advanced BNT travel specialist will receive $570 for the same commission.

We take pride in being a host travel agency that provides high commissions for our travel agents. Both new and veteran travel agents greatly benefit from having a constant flow of high commissions from reliable vendors - as well as a support system - easily available.

We will never stop expressing our gratification in our system and travel specialists.

Join us and start earning now!

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