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How to Travel and Work Remotely

Working while traveling can pose its challenges, it is also an ingenious way to also to determine your work habits, hence boost your outputs. Whether you are working from home as an independent travel agent, or while you are on the go, there is always a way around it juggling between work and travel.

Here are five clever ways to go about it.

Plan for Your Internet Connection

While in the US, access to the internet is as easy as clocking in at a café and settling in for the duration you need, it is a bit different especially when you are traveling internationally. Let’s not even talk about internet speeds and so forth.

Do your research before you travel, and find out how you can have access to the internet and then have a backup plan. These can range from securing a spot in a co-working space with an internet connection to purchasing an internet SIM card or connecting to a wireless hotspot.

Always Carry a Notebook and Pen

While you are on the road, a day will come when you cannot connect to WiFi, or you forget to grab your laptop converter or your laptop charger, or even not be in a secure location to pull out your expensive gadgets. Your good old pen and notebook will come in handy during such days. You would still be able to jot down your juicy ideas, and wow that potential client.

Settle into a Routine

This may sound obvious, but if you do not settle into a routine sooner, it may hinder you from maximizing your productivity as a travel agent. You may be surprised just how much time you can waste scouring through your emails or responding to them, or “researching” travel destinations when you could be doing actual work. Different people are productive at different times, so it is vital that you establish yours at your earliest time possible. You may choose to work for two-hours with a half-hour break in-between or give it a long blast with a one-hour break. The choice is yours.

Always Have a To-Do-List

This will keep you focused on what you must accomplish on a particular day. While at it, create a productivity playlist as well. This is only for you if you know that you work well with the music. Set up a playlist before you plunge into your to-do list. Bear in mind that your WiFi might not have enough juice to stream Spotify or load music videos on YouTube.

Buy an International Outlet Adapter

Before you leave the country, purchase an international outlet adapter so you can always plug in no matter where you are. With international outlet adapters, you simply switch out the plug on your existing laptop or phone charger, instead of attaching it to a converter. This is a more secure source of power, and it lowers the risk of damaging your device. You can purchase them at the airport or better still pay less when you buy them from Amazon, which has numerous selections of converters. The Apple World Traveler Kit is a great investment for Mac products. Traveler Kit is a great investment for Mac products.

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