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May is National Travel Agent’s Month

We at BNT work very hard and go extra miles to please our clients to make sure they have the trip that they wanted. We pay attention to all details of their trip such as room location, birthdays, anniversaries, seat on the plane, etc. Sometimes we expect to control the weather and things that out of our control such as flight delays. And it is not fare, sure. But we handle it well. We just want to thank all of our agents and colleagues and let you know that you, guys are greatly appreciated. I also want to thank all our clients for being loyal to our business and being part of our family. Especially after 2020 pandemic all know that travel agents make magic happen. You’re more than just travel agents; you are the advocates for the traveling public. And even more, travel agents are thriving more than ever.

Today BNT Travel Group celebrates the true faces of travel, BNT travel agents.

In recognition of this special month, BNT Travel Group announces the month of May as a BNT Travel Agent’s Appreciation Month. All paid in full bookings of selected preferred vendors are eligible for bonus 5% on top of agent's commissions for bookings made and paid in full between May 4 and 31, 2021 with the following BNT preferred vendors: all cruise lines, VAX Vacations Access, Vacation Express, Rate Hawk, Delta Vacations, AA Vacations, Sandals Resorts.

You must enter promo code BNTMAY21 when submitting the bookings at back office

Enjoy your special month!

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