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Service Fees - To Charge or Not to Charge?

We are happy to introduce a new feature – “Charge Service Fee Online” Now you have the opportunity to charge a fee for your services. A service fee can be billed for the following services provided by BNT Travel Group independent agents. 1. Travel planning and research. 2. Non-commissionable airline tickets. 3. Any other non-commissionable or low commission products which are time consuming for our travel agents. This feature is available at the back office and requires you to log in Follow these simple steps in order to get paid. 1. Select the amount you would like to charge as a service fee from the drop-down menu below. 2. Be sure to include your full name as well as the client's full name. 3. Please enter the reservation number any additional information on the next page in the “Description” field otherwise you will not receive credit for the billed service fee. 4. Submit this transaction at the back office. Enter "Service Fee" in the vendor's name field Please note that 4% processing fee will imposed by the credit card processing company and will be deducted from the gross amount when calculating commission. Please notify your clients that the charge will appear under "BNT Travel Group". Please keep in mind that any dispute by a client on a service fee charge will incur a full amount plus a $50 fee for each dispute. Happy Selling!

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