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Start a Travel Agency At Home

Travel is a lucrative business. Every day, there are thousands to billions worth of bookings made in travel agencies. Even in the era of the internet, millions still rely on a travel agent to get the best deals and help them plan their travel.

Travel agencies are generally travel retailers. They sell travel deals be they accommodation options, cruises, flights, car rentals, adventure holidays and guided tours to a particular destination. In the US alone, there are hundreds of travel agencies offering all kinds of travel booking options.

You can become a travel agent or work at a host travel agency at various levels as follows:

Retail Travel Agency (aka Host Travel Agency)

This is the most common type of travel booking business. Most of the US travel agencies fall here. Host travel agencies provide independent travel agents with tools to start travel business from the scratch, high commissions level and contracts with vendors. They also source for great deals from other service providers like resorts and airlines, and then resell to customers.

Travel wholesalers

They sell travel products in bulk or at wholesale prices to host travel agencies.

Tour operators

They manage individual or group travels. Work with host travel agencies as well as independent travel agents.

The good thing about all the above categories is that you can start travel agency from home, especially if you are just starting out. With focus and discipline, you can start a travel agency online even with limited finances and work experience and here is what you can consider

Find reliable host travel agency

Find and start your partnership with the best and reliable host travel agency who is specializing in working with beginners.

Set Up Your Office

This looks obvious, yet it is a critical component if you are going to be successful working from home. This alone gives you the right frame of mind to run your business from home, as opposed to trying to research travel destinations at the comfort of your couch with the television in full blare.

Show up every day and keep it professional, no matter how small your office is, so you can get into the game, psychologically. The startup capital to set up a travel agency business from the comfort of your home is obviously at the bare minimum, making it affordable.

Take Advantage of the Internet

In recent times, with the dawn of the internet and the general public accessing the Internet, airline companies are taking advantage of their online portal to sell tickets directly to their customers. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t jump into that bandwagon. Sell your services directly to your existing and potential clients via an online portal where they will most likely be looking for you.

Define Your Niche

The truth is the level of competition in the travel agency business is stiff. Competition typically depends on the location of your business and of course the niche of your playing ground.

Imagine if you brand yourself as a travel agent that specializes in pilgrimage travels; your business “cup” will always run full around the particular festivals when religious faithful are traveling for their annual pilgrimage journey without fail.

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