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Small Things Make Big Difference

Looking for corporate gift ideas that your clients --who scour the world--, will love, and not end up on the dusty corners of their office? Let’s face it, a travel agent’s clients most likely have traveled the world, and they have seen it all. However, gifting your client shows them that your relationship with them is not just transactional but that you really care for them as a person. Gifting helps to smooth and enhance relations making transacting business with them in the future even more meaningful.

As a travel agent, you may need to put a bit more thought and originality to take your gift giving game to the next level to impress your well-traveled clients. We have compiled a few ingenious ideas that are guaranteed not to gather dust at their corner office.

Gift of a Different Culture

Every travel agent would probably love to send their clients on ritzy trips, giving the gift of memories that last a lifetime. Chances are their clients have already been there, or the travel agent may or not be able to afford such a gift in the first place. Still, with a little creativity, you may actually pull it off. For instance, you can gift your clients a taste of travel with a subscription or Kitchen Table Passport trial.

With this service, you have an option to choose from a selection of different gift boxes that are designed to give your client a special taste of a foreign place with information, pictures, and even foods from different locales. This is also an ingenious way to introduce a new travel/holiday destination that you’d recommend to them.

Emergency Grooming Kit

This is the perfect gift for your male frequent traveler clients as it contains all the essentials for grooming including six pairs of color stays, clothing brush, nail clipper, and shoehorn. It comes in three amazing colors and is perfect for that guy that is keen on looking nice at all times while traveling often.

Traverse Travel Backpack

This backpack is the perfect carry-on pack for carrying your laptop along with other articles and accessories. It has two main compartments including a padded laptop section and another compartment where you can store even shoes. It also has more storage with interior and exterior small pockets.

On-The-Go Coffee Press

If your frequent traveler client loves coffee, then the coffee press would be a perfect gift. It basically doubles as a travel mug and is ideal for people that like to take camping trips or long backpacking walks and would rather just bring a bag of coffee and brew their own coffee every day than spend money on an expensive cup of coffee.

Wood Water Bottle

This water bottle is ideal for any trip as it keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours. It is double coated to keep hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Made with stainless steel, the wood water bottle is non-toxic and BPA free. Moreover, the wooden design is really attractive looking and your clients will enjoy them..

World Scratch Map

This would make a perfect wall decoration and a great talking point for your clients at home. Each country on the map is a different color that your clients can scratch off once they visit a place.

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