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Turn to a host travel agency with high commissions for travel agents!

Looking for a host travel agency with high commissions for agents?

You’ve come to the right place!

BNT Travel Group offers an online travel agent course that makes it possible for you to work from home part time or full time while receiving high commissions for your diligence. BNT makes money when you do! We do not charge any monthly and annual fees. The more you earn in commissions, the more we earn as a host travel agency.

We always encourage travel agent engagement with a multitude of reputable vendors!

Our reputation as a leading seller of travel and as a top host travel agency stems from our long-standing relationship with our vendors and our ability to continue providing our agents with only the highest commission levels and best negotiated prices on the market. Over the last 16+ years, we have formed a deep connection with multiple trusted tour operators who offer high commissions, a handful of which you can check here.

Beginning your career as an independent travel agent or boosting your existing travel industry endeavors with connections to airlines, travel vendors and cruise lines that provide guaranteed high commissions is easy at BNT. Within 48 hours of registering with BNT, you will receive exclusive access to various tour operator services.

Signing up for our tour operators’ services will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of helpful trainings, events and more. These resources will allow you to begin earning commissions immediately. The more commissions you earn, the more quickly you will develop your own partnership with our vendors.

Over time, your reputation as a trustworthy travel agent will further increase your commissions, which will multiply your income!

The travel industry is growing by the day, and so will your earnings the sooner you enter the travel industry. What better way to discover the world of travel than to become a travel agent, no fees attached, with a list of reputable vendors known for high commission behind your belt?

Step onto the blossoming path of travel industry success with BNT Travel Group!

Become a travel agent! Join BNT today!

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