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United Airlines Details Actions They’re Taking to Keep Customers and Employees Safe

In a recent video released by United Airlines, Jon Roitman, senior vice president of airport and network operations for United Airlines, says, “We understand that now, more than ever, customers want to know what we’re doing to keep our aircraft clean.” The airline has published resources on their website detailing just that.

United Airlines’ efforts focus on three main areas:

  1. Delivering industry-leading cleanliness

  2. Prioritizing passengers’ well-being

  3. Innovating for a healthier tomorrow

To deliver industry-leading cleanliness, United says they are enhancing cabin sanitation by implementing electrostatic spraying on all inbound long-haul international flights, and mainline overnight aircraft at our U.S. hubs. By June, electrostatic spray will be used on all departures in addition to the current disinfecting procedures they perform.

United also says their planes use state-of-the-art circulation systems that include HEPA filters, similar to those found in hospitals, that circulate air and remove up to 99.7% of airborne particles.

To prioritize passengers’ well-being, the airline shares how they thoroughly wipe down their planes with an effective, high-grade disinfectant and multi-purpose cleaning of lavatories, galleys, tray tables, window shades and armrests before each flight.

United is also reducing touchpoints by shutting down self-service kiosks in most locations, having passengers self-scan their boarding passes and making changes to food service while in flight.

Social distancing for United means boarding fewer passengers at a time and limiting seat selections so people can’t sit next to each other or in the middle seats.

United says they’re innovating for a healthier tomorrow by developing tools to reduce the touchpoints throughout your travel experience and implementing temperature checks for employees at United's hub airport.

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