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Vacation Express 2021 Exclusive Non-Stop Flights to Caribbean and Mexico

As your Information Source, Vacation Express makes sure that you have everything you need to be a well-informed travel professional. Now that our 2021 Exclusive, Non-Stop Flights are available to book from twelve cities across the US, let's see why you should be booking these flights!

What Is an Exclusive, Non-Stop Flight?

Our Exclusive, Non-Stop Flights, also known as charters, are really no different from any commercial flight, however we are fully responsible for all of the seats on almost all of our flights. That means we need your support so we can continue offering amazing deals and low deposits. Vacation Express works with trusted airline carriers using B737-400 and 800, A319 and A320 aircrafts. We offer these value-packed flights seasonally from select cities across the U.S., where, in some cases, there may not be a non-stop option available to the Caribbean or Mexico. Don't see your city or departure date? No problem! You can still book packages with commercial flights from your hometown.

Where Can I Find the 2021 Exclusive, Non-Stop Flight Schedule?

After you login at, you'll see a Charter Flights section on the menu to the left. Click Charter Schedule to see the full list of flights and optional amenities, including prices for baggage and seat upgrades.

How Do I Book an Exclusive Non-Stop Flight? These flights are easy to find.

• Select a route and date listed in the charter schedule. If your date matches exactly, the flight option displayed in your package results will automatically include the charter flight.

• If you select a different departure date or # of nights a calendar showing our Exclusive, Non-Stop Flight departure dates will display. If your client is flexible and looking for the best deal, you can click one of the green highlighted dates for packages featuring a charter flight.

• If neither of these options appear, our charters are not operating and commercial air will display in your package results.

And Guess What Else!

A low deposit of $225 per person, holds your clients' vacation, giving them the flexibility to make payments at their leisure until 30 days prior to departure. We also offer money saving bundles with upgraded seats and included checked bags, all commissionable to you.

Insider Tip

While our Exclusive Non-Stop Flights offer a variety of durations, many are popular 6-night rotations. 6-night rotations give us the ability to have morning departures and late afternoon returns for maximum beach time. Plus, saving one night on the hotel versus a 7-night stay gives you room in the budget to upsell the hotel or room category. Vacation Express receives preferred hotel rates and special rate reductions in conjunction with these exclusive, non-stop flights, resulting in additional savings for your clients.

Book Five, Fly Free Agent Benefit

Don't forget, when you make five charter bookings, you earn a free seat for yourself at a later date. Book five more and you'll earn a seat for your companion! Visit the Travel

Login to Vacation Express Agent Portal for more info!

Happy Selling!

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