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Dear BNT Agents,

Congratulations! Despite the challenging year, BNT Travel Group is qualified for Vacation Express Pepe Club 2021 - Platinum Level, which is a remarkable achievement. Also BNT has made Presidents Club for 2021. We appreciate your efforts in supporting BNT Travel Group and Vacation Express and hope we can count on you once again in 2021.

To see the new 2022 Pepe Club goals and benefits, please visit Pepe Club page on the Vacation Express Travel Agent Portal. Vacation Express have a new VIP phone number for you: 1-888-XXX-XXXX (refer to Quick Guide). The 2020 Pepe Club phone number expires January 31. Note that in order to protect the integrity of this Pepe benefit, this dedicated number may not be shared with others. Congratulations again and happy selling!

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