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Why Travel Agents Should Blog

In today’s rival travel marketplace, travel professionals are working even harder to get new potential clients while keeping the ones they already have.

Most of the time it leaves travel agents with little or no time to think about anything beyond replying to customers requests. But professional travel agents know that in order to maintain long-term growth - keeping online marketing alive and updated is vital part of the successful business plan.

According to several online marketing researches 80% of all Travel Businesses got new potential clients through their blogs or Facebook and other social media platforms.

Every one likes the idea of promoting their travel venture online, but just a few are spending the time making regular updates to their website, blogs and Facebook posts.

Advertise Your Brand. Promote Your Expertise

Blogging or Facebook posts will definitely help travel agents identify themselves as an authority in a specific product, destination , etc. which will lead the increasing of client's confidence as well as potential media attention to your brand.

Celebrate Your Favorite Vendors & Destinations

Travel professionals who personally experienced destinations sell offer more value to clients than agents who don’t have that firsthand experience.

Keep Posting

Maintaining a blog and keep posting on your Facebook or Instagram page that feature your favorite suppliers and destinations or recaps product highlights from recent travel experience demonstrate to travelers as well as potential clients that you are that travel professional who've been there, done that.

It's free

The best reason why Travel Professionals should blog is - it's fee. The basic levels of blog platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Instagram are free to use.

Happy Blogging & Happy Selling!

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