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Why travel agent should offer travel insurance to your clients?

Just a reminder about our preferred vendor – Allianz Global Assistance! Allianz Global Assistance bringing you and your clients travel insurance options when travel domestic and abroad at amazingly low prices and great (up to 28%) commissions earnings. Why you as a travel professional should offer Travel Insurance to your clients?

  • Cancel For Any Reason that pays in cash, not credits.

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

  • Protection against Hurricanes and other Inclement Weather.

  • Protection against Bankruptcy with no Black Lists.

  • Payment for Rebanking of Frequent Flyer Miles.

  • Hospital of Choice for Emergency Medical Evacuation.

  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance from anywhere in the world.

  • Some of the Highest Coverage Limits and Most Comprehensive Coverage Available in the Industry.

  • And not less important – you have a piece of mind for your clients and earn decent commissions on each plan!

Here is the list of the useful links. Make sure you read the information before selling these services to your clients: 1. How Travel Insurance work 2. The Complete Guide to Travel Insurance 3. When to Buy Travel Insurance with Trip Cancellation Benefits 4. FAQs For more information and details about the Allianz travel protection plans or to purchase it please click here or visit our back office site at in “book online” section. Important! In order to get commissions you must sell it using this unique link

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