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Why You Should Consider Become a Travel Agent?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Being a travel agent can be a rewarding career, from creating your own business and client portfolio, to enjoying the work perks and support from your host travel agency and it's vendors; there’s nothing quite like being a travel agent.

Travel Agents Are Well Traveled

To become a travel agent means you have access to wide range information on travel destinations. It also means you can also get a few trips under your belt – for “research purposes”.Whether that’s jetting off to Lamu or getting to sample exotic destinations, resorts, tours and hotels at discounted rates, or enjoying annual network conferences; as a travel agent you can experience it all.

An Independent Travel Agents Can Work From Anywhere

The best part of being an independent travel agent is that you are not limited to the four walls of an office. Whether you want to start travel agency from home or are even considering working with host travel agency, working in this profession is ultimately the most mobile, and well-traveled profession out there!

Travel agents are luckily available to customers to choose from, such that there’s never an excuse not to use one; especially one that is mobile and easily accessible to you. Independent travel agents can consider partnering with a host travel agency with leads to the travel market hence further increase their accessibility.

Well organized and focused Mobile Travel Agents (MTAs) can meet clients at their favorite coffee shop, in between school pick-ups and drop-offs, on their lunch break, or after work. Moreover, being MTA affords consumers, the flexibility of having their very own travel agent go to them making this profession even more valuable.

It’s A Highly Esteemed Profession

Travel agents are those well-regarded and respected professionals who can – at the drop of a hat – recommend a number of destinations, hotels, tours and cruise lines to you. By simply asking a few questions regarding your interests to get a feel for what you like, they can propose an a list package tailor-made just for you.

Opportunity to Do What You Love

If traveling and offering travel solutions is what you love to do,then obviously being a travel agent means using your time doing precisely what you love doing – researching and planning travel.

Host Travel Agencies that offer a great opportunity for the beginners are key especially for independent travel agents to take their careers of the ground doing what they love.

Obviously, it is a profession not for everyone, but for those who have a taste of fine things; those that love a challenge; and are satisfied with a simple smile on their client’s face upon returning from a truly memorable trip.

Opportunity to Create Amazing Memories

Being a travel agent gives you the opportunity to improve and change lives. Travel agents have an opportunity to create conditions where their clients create new and existing memories. There is nothing quite like receiving feedback from satisfied customers back from holidays or business trips.

What’s even better is that,when you know your clients’ special days such as anniversaries, pilgrimage season and so on, then you tailor-make a travel package to satisfy these needs and milestone. This way you can help them knock off items from their bucket list.

If you are interested in becoming an independent travel agent and join BNT Travel Group, please fill out the form or give us a call at 800-417-7010

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