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Go remote with BNT!

Working from home gives you ease and convenience.

Going to work at an office seems a little outdated in the rapidly progressing 21st century. Why waste money and time, not to mention stress, on a commute - just to sit on an uncomfortable chair in some dingy, low-light environment bustling with hundreds of people hanging on phone calls - when technology has made it possible to enjoy the comforts of home while contacting customers, vendors, and employers?

Following through with quarantine procedures to ward off COVID-19 in the recent past especially made it obvious that going to a workplace may not always be the best solution in the modern age. Now, even with the recent security provided by the vaccine, relishing a home-based job should not be a luxury.

Are you currently pursuing an occupation that allows you to complete all tasks from home? We at BNT Travel Group have valued the convenience of working remotely and are looking forward to guiding you through the process of joining the travel industry as a home-based travel agent.

Work no longer has to take precedence over family and friends. Be a travel agent and your private self without the worries of time spent away from home. Whether you are a mom, a dad, a student, or anyone who enjoys the comfort of home,

BNT Travel Group is happy to say that we have supported our home-based travel agents since the start. Raking in the cash without leaving behind any responsibilities that may arise around the house is the best way to go about work! Besides, if you are employed from home, you don’t have to be near our office to receive the benefits our host travel agency offers. Book travel from your location, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Going remote is the new trend of the 21st century. Let’s make convenience a given, not a luxury. Join us in learning more about what wonders are possible from the solace of home.

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