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Success takes time.

BNT will stand by you. BNT will guide you through it.

Have you ever looked at travel agent success stories and wondered, “How did they get so far?” Weren’t these people consistently successful? Didn’t they always have the long end of the stick? In truth, travel agents’ success takes much more than simple luck to obtain. In this industry of ups and downs, an independent travel agent’s status can take numerous plunges. However, with the correct resources and connections, the plunges will surely be reversed with time and effort.

We at Brand New Travel highly encourage independent travel agents to find a suitable host travel agency to rely on. A trustworthy host travel agency will not only provide its independent travel agents with a means to connect with more clients, it will also become someone to lean on in rough times.

When trouble lurks ahead, a true family will stay by your side!

During the unsteady times of the pandemic, BNT Travel Group’s interaction with our independent travel agents did not cease - it flourished. We faced the lack of positive activity in the industry together and had one another’s backs throughout the ordeal. Facing the same problem as our independent travel agents allowed us not only to grow closer but also to learn how to face these challenges if they ever arise again in the future.

With recent changes to restrictions regarding travel, business is blooming once again. Our host travel agency is ready to brave new challenges with our independent travel agents so that we may all grow more successful than ever!

Educational FAM trips, free online travel agent courses, and easily accessible host travel agency support are among the travel agency opportunities that BNT has unceasingly afforded our independent travel agents since our founding as a company over 19 years ago. Doubling - even tripling - how much travel agents make has been our goal from the start! Success comes more naturally with a team. Join us today for high commissions that will only increase with time!

Our family welcomes you with open arms.

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