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Host Travel Agency Fees

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Why BNT?

Becoming an independent travel agent in today’s booming entrepreneurial world requires no startup costs and no investments. You do not need to borrow money for office space rent, employees, or system fees.


BNT Travel Group equips you with access to various resources that allow you to perform all necessary transactions including hotel, airplane ticket, car rental, cruise line, tour operator, and travel insurance bookings free of charge.

All you need is a decent computer and a passion for the travel industry.

BNT’s business model is unique in that it provides unique solutions and support for each agent. Every agent is different and we are there to accommodate and promote every work and sales style.

Remember, our goal is to make you as much money as possible. We give you the resources and support—you lead the way in your own way.


No Fee Program. Period​

Unlike other host agencies and franchise networks that charge you both monthly and annually,

 BNT Travel Group has a different approach to its business model. BNT Travel Group is the only Free host travel agency on the market.



BNT Travel group charges a one-time $249 registration fee, which is FULLY REFUNDABLE upon your first commission of $350 or more (applies only to newly joined agents, not for renewals).
It is so easy with just a littl
e effortFair enough! Isn't it?  The refund is guaranteed by our legal contract. 

Why do we charge this fee?  There are three reasons:

  1. To cover the expenses associated with registrations you - our new member with our vendors 

  2. To confirm your commitment to our brand

  3. To guarantee that you are embarking on your new venture with a serious state of mind


No Monthly & Annual Charges​

Yes, we are a free host travel agency with no monthly or yearly subscription fees!

Whether this is your first venture as a travel agent, a continuation of your travel career, or a part-time job, there is no reason to pay anything upfront to a host agency. Unlike our competitors, we have designed a free program available to everyone, especially beginners who seek a chance to experience the travel business and earn an income without any investments, memberships, and monthly fees.


We Are Travel Leaders


BNT Travel Group is proud to be affiliated with Travel Leaders ( What does it mean for us and for our agents?

Travel Leaders is the largest travel services marketing organization in North America, serving 5,500 independent retail travel agencies, multi-branch offices, and host travel agencies. Travel Leaders is an innovative network of professionals that celebrates highly driven travel agencies by supporting them with the tools to help them grow and inspire.

Members have access to robust solutions and exclusive offers that inspire their clients to loyally book with them. 

The travel agencies that are part of Travel Leaders Group alone comprise over 30% of all agencies in North America. 

Our Travel Leaders membership is accompanied by a lot of features and benefits including Agent Universe. 



Unlimited Training & Support

Training and education are the recipes to your continued success!

 BNT Travel Group offers a full training and support program. While other host agencies charge you hundreds of dollars for training, we do it for FREE. From the moment you sign up, whether you are a brand new agent or a travel veteran, you will be trained on everything you need to know about being a successful travel specialist. Learn about our passion for training


Top Vendors

Since 2004, BNT Travel Group has earned an uncompromising reputation with most airlines, travel vendors, and cruise lines.

We have partnered with various tour operators and vendors around the world to allow our travel agents to have access to exclusive contracts and benefits. Check them out



Industry's Highest-Paid Commissions

We have developed a long-standing relationship with our partners, allowing us to offer our agents the highest commission levels and the best-negotiated prices on the market. Now, it is your turn to harvest the benefits! 

The number of earnings is limitless. The only limit is you! 


We Make Money When You Do!​​

BNT Travel Group values your time and your long-term commitment and growth, therefore we pick up any recurring expenses associated with you signing up to work with us. 


We Invest In Our Agents​​

While we understand that other host agencies charge unlimited hosting fees, BNT Travel Group chooses to invest in our agents while growing our passion for travel.


Travel Perks & Discounts

Score free and discounted rates for your own travel around the globe.


Online Travel Leads

BNT Travel Group cherishes the partnership with Travel Leaders that comes with valuable benefits including an online leads generator.
Learn more


Greta Martin / Joined BNT Jan 2021

"My 2 months research of host agencies brought me to many different agencies and BNT was actually my first choice but I felt that something tricky at this company since they are free and do not charge the fees as most of others."

Asha Woods / Joined BNT June 2019

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