Become a Travel Agent 


Travel agents are in demand

Being a travel agent or travel advisor has become a very popular job. 
 travel agents are home-based and have the role of entrepreneurs rather than employees.

And if you are planning to become a travel agent, you may (quite obviously) want more detailed answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why are people coming back to use travel agents?

  • Travel agents are advocates

  • Travel agents work closely with suppliers and can offer special rates, amenities and greater array of product and services

How travel agents make money?
Travel agents earn commissions by selling: Cruises, vacation packages, tours, airline tickets, excursions, travel Insurance,  car rental

How do I become a travel agent?

There are numerous online travel schools and universities that offer training, certifications, and the opportunity to start your own travel agency. You can start your very own travel agency, however, it is highly recommended that you start your new venture as an independent, home-based contractor at an established, well-reputable host agency such as BNT Travel Group.

Why work through a host travel agency?

There are many reasons for this but the most important ones include high commission percentages due to the volume of sales, dedicated support and training from established professionals, exclusive offers designed specifically for host agencies, and education opportunities.

Why should I choose BNT Travel Group?

Instead of opening a travel agency of your own from scratch and spending a countless amount of time and money on everything your new business needs, you can begin instantly with BNT Travel Group's proven foundation and award-winning support system.

Who is eligible for this program?

This program is designed for US residents only

Do I need travel agent's license to join BNT?

Absolutely not

What is the program cost?

Unlike our competitors, we have designed a FREE PROGRAM with no investments. 

Our program is designed for everyone, from new-to-industry to advanced professionals. It aims to give our members a chance to experience the travel business, and earn an income without any financial worries.

While keeping our program free of costs, we still offer high commissions to all of our agents. 

So, you can start earning commissions with minimal startup costs and lower financial risk.

BNT Travel Group charges a one-time $199 registration fee, which is FULLY REFUNDABLE   

BNT Travel Group DOES NOT charge monthly fees!


Why do we charge the one-time registration fee?

There are two reasons:

To confirm your commitment to our brand 

and to guarantee that you are embarking on your new venture with a serious state of mind

How will I get the refund for the fees?

BNT Travel Group will refund the $199 registration fee, upon the agent’s total accumulated commission of $250 or more within three months after sign up. This refund is guaranteed by our legal agreement.

With your dedication, our unique program it is, indeed, FREE.

How much will I earn as an independent travel agent ?

All new agents receive 80% of earned commissions and all advanced travel consultants receive up to 90% of earned commissions.

As an example: a vacation package costs $4900, the vendor pays $667 in commissions to the agency,
the independent travel agent will keep either $533 (80%) or $600 (90%)


How and when will I get my commissions ?

When a travel agent makes a booking for their clients, most tour operators and other vendors (e.g. hotels and car rental companies) pay commissions to the travel agency (not to the agent) after the clients complete their trips. Some cruise lines pay commissions after the final payment is made. Once we've received your commissions from vendors, we direct deposit it to your bank account. 

How often do I get paid my commissions ?

BNT Travel Group pays commissions to all agents regardless of their status and loyalty with BNT Travel Group once at the end of each month if the total in agent's commissions for the month sum up to $100 or more.

What type of training does BNT offer?

BNT Travel Group is committed to training our agents in all aspects of travel sales and education. We offer in-person training, live online and pre-recorded webinars, unparalleled phone support, and much more.
Most of the training are provided by our vendors and partners free of charge.


How long is the training?

It's up to you and your free time. All trainings are provided by our vendors in form of online trainings, webinars.
Most online courses are pre recorded and available to access any time you want.


Does BNT Travel Group provide leads ?

Yes! Please click here to learn more

What perks will I get being a BNT travel agent?

Discounted travel agents rate
Free cruises
Familiarization trips
Reduced hotel rates
Cruise ships inspections

Does BNT Travel provide my personal website?

No. But you will have a online profile page on Travel Leaders website absolutely free of charge

Can I keep my own business name while working with BNT?

Yes! Why not?

You can be registered with us as an individual or as a company, working under our umbrella
but continuing to promote your own brand name.

Does BNT Travel  provide Errors & Omissions insurance to its agents?

Since we are free host travel agency,  we do not provide you with E&O Insurance. 

How long is my contract with BNT Travel Group?

BNT Travel Group's contract lasts 6 months.  After 6 months period the agreement will be automatically renewed for another six months without any additional fee if agent's account stays active and generates sales.
BNT Travel Group reserves the rights to terminate accounts not complying with company goals and regulations at any time.

Does BNT Travel have any minimum monthly sales requirements?

No, we have no minimum monthly sales requirements!

BNT requires to generate sales for at least $350 in agent's commissions within six continues months in order to be qualified as an active account. The agreement with agent's account inactive for 6 months from the date of sign up will be automatically terminated.

Where BNT Travel is based?

Our head office is based in Brooklyn NY, USA 

How long BNT Travel is in Travel Industry?

BNT Travel Group is proudly successful in travel industry since 2014

Still have questions ?
Give us a call at 
(800) 417-7010 or chat with us.

Get on board today!

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