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Yes, we did it again!

Hello BNT agents, and Happy Travel Agent's Day!

We have great news—Brand New Travel has reached the highest elite status with our preferred tour operator, Vacation Express, again for the 14th year and received the “Top Agency North East” award.

And it’s all because of you, our hard-working professional travel agents and our loyal customers.

Thank you to all the BNT agents for your business and for being part of the BNT Travel Family! Also, thank you to Rene Jongmans, the president of Vacation Express, and Deborah Tortoriello, our amazing and best Vacation Express Business Development Manager, for their incredible support!

Book your next client’s vacation with Vacation Express! Be amazed with the lowest prices, experience the highest customer service satisfaction, and enjoy the highest commissions!

You can attend this prestigious retreat event next year (somewhere in the Caribbean paradise), celebrate your success with us, and become a member of Pepe Club by booking a minimum of 150 passengers in 2024.

This year's ceremony was held at Planet Hollywood, Costa Rica. Wish you were here!

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