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Travel Agent
License and Certification

Is a license required to be a travel agent?

Not at all!
If you are registered with us as an individual and work under a BNT license you don’t need to obtain a travel business license even if your home state requires it. 

When preparing to start a part-time or a full-time career as a travel agent we recommend you first inquire with your respective state if a Seller of Travel license is a requirement.  In most cases, a license is not required although such states as California and Florida do.  For the most up-to-date information, please contact your local Business Licensing Office for further and more detailed information.

Most states do not regulate travel-related businesses.  BNT Travel Group urges our agents to obtain credentials and various certifications to give you an advantage over those agents who do not possess such accreditation.  There are various sources to obtain certifications related to the travel business and BNT Travel Group will guide you on the process of further educating yourself in the travel field.

Travel Agent Degrees and Prerequisites

Although a specialized degree is not a requirement for the travel industry, some agents associated with the travel business choose to obtain a specialized degree in travel or a travel related field such as Hospitality Management.  A High School diploma is recommended for anyone looking to specialize in the travel industry.  Sales skills, computer skills, and customer service skills are the basic necessary skills needed to get started in the industry.

Travel Agent Training and Development

Most of our clients today who have access to the internet, can read about a destination, a hotel, or a specific activity.  As a travel agent, one of the most important aspects of our job is to tell a story.  When speaking with a client, we want our clients to listen and feel as if they are there.


BNT Travel Groups offers our agents endless opportunities to experience the world of travel.  Whether it’s a class, an online webinar, or a Familiarization Trip our agents have the opportunity to better themselves and develop the skills necessary to be the best at what we do.

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