How to Keep Up to 90%
                      of Your Commissions

                            Pay No Endless Host Fees

Our Program


Our FREE program allows you to begin selling and earning the industry's highest commision in less than 24 hours.  Affiliating with BNT Travel Group is the most valuable way to begin or continue your career in the exciting travel industry.



Receive unparallel support and guidence from us and our travel partners from the moment you enroll. While other host agencies charge you hundreds of dollars for training, we provide it for FREE.

How much
I make?

There are countless ways to earn money as a travel agent. On a national average, full time agents earn between $56,000 and $72,000 annually.  

Why us?

BNT Travel Group is your no-frills, free host travel agency. We never charge any monthly, annual, franchise, or membership fees- we make a profit when you do.


1. How often do I get paid my commissions ?
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3. Does BNT Travel have any minimum monthly sales requirements?

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