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How to Choose a Right Host Agency?


Plan your trip into the travel industry today with BNT Travel Group!


Choosing a host travel agency is like planning a trip.
When searching for vacation options, research is critical to discover the perfect destination, transportation, and activities. 

Here at BNT Travel Group, we understand how difficult it can be to search for the perfect host travel agency to partner with.
Just like a customer seeking help from a travel agent in order to ease the trip-planning experience, we invite you to consider our travel host agency as a guide to start you on your path in the travel industry, support your current work as a travel agent, or boost your existing business.


BNT Travel Group offers a multitude of benefits that will make us a great choice for you.
Unlimited online support from accomplished travel agents, access to resources such as Agent Universe, Travel Academy,  Travel Leaders Network, online leads, and more!
BNT Travel Group is also in contact with an array of reputable vendors that offer their own online training  platforms.
And most important a fully refundable entry fee followed by a zero-fee host travel agency program (click here to learn more about our Free Host Agency Program).

Our travel agents earn commissions at a steadfast rate. Some of our achievements as an host travel agency include a highly beneficial partnership with Travel Leaders Network, memberships with Vacation Express Presidents Club and Pepe Club at Platinum Level, Sales Excellence Recognitions  by VAX Vacations, and many other awards from cruise line, tour operators and airlines.

Similarly to how anyone planning a trip looks at vacation reviews, you can check out other independent agents’ thoughts about BNT and communicate with available travel agents who have worked with us.

We invite you looking at our review page on Host Agency Reviews for an objective view at BNT Travel Group.

We hope that you give thought to BNT Travel Group. Make sure to explore our useful website, where you can check out more benefits we offer our agents.


Let’s plan the perfect trip together!
Join our family today!

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