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Attracting new clients is the root of a successful travel agency and is easier than you think.


Let us begin with a question that is fundamental to the value of this article- what is lead generation? And, most importantly, why should a travel agent care to learn about and employ it? To put it simply, lead generation is the creation of interest in a company, a crucial process to every travel agent as customer interest in their travel agency is, well, obligatory.


BNT Travel Group cherishes the partnership with Travel Leaders that comes with valuable benefits including online leads generator


What does it mean for us and for our agents?

Travel Leaders is the largest travel services marketing organization in North America, serving 5,500 independent retail travel agencies,

multi-branch offices, and host travel agencies. 

Travel Leaders is an innovative network of professionals that celebrates highly driven travel agencies by supporting them with

the tools to help them grow and inspire. 

Members have access to powerful solutions and exclusive offers that inspire their clients to loyally book with them.

The travel agencies that are part of Travel Leaders Group alone comprise over 30% of all agencies in North America.


Our Travel Leaders membership is accompanied by a lot of features and benefits, including Agent Universe and Leads Generator.

Travel Leaders Network goes above and beyond to help it's members attract, inspire and retain new customers.

The Travel Leaders Lead Generation program attracts high-quality leads on the Internet by promoting agents' distinct capabilities and personalities. Travel Leaders members cultivate these leads and watch their client lists grow. 


How does the Travel Leaders LeadS Generator work?

  • Provides consumers with direct contact to you as a travel agent

  • Drives the right customers to your profile page

  • Puts your travel agent experience front and center

  • Effectively promotes your destination and specialty expertise

  • Showcases your photos, testimonials and blog posts


How much does it cost?


BNT Travel Group members enjoy these valuable benefits for free!


How do I obtain and use leads successfully?

Find your specialty

Stay away from generalization and find a specific industry niche. Just like a restaurant does not serve five types of cuisines at once, a travel agency should not claim to be experienced in selling travel to all seven continents. Choose one and dig deeper; the more specific your travel agency’s specialization, the more it will stand out from a crowd of other travel agencies and define its strategy.


Be professional

Remember to always abide by standard business communication rules:

  • Reply to all emails and return all calls within 24 hours of receiving them.

  • Check your grammar and spelling in emails.

  • Address clients appropriately.

  • Remain punctual for all scheduled phone calls or in-person meetings.

Just because you may not be working at nine-to-five job does not mean that these rules are to be forgotten. Professionalism is attractive and develops not only customer trust, but also a reliable agency image.


Distinguish between price & value

Do not let your travel agency enter an unnecessary price war with travel booking websites. Not all clients are looking for the cheapest vacation- in fact, those who are probably will not consider booking through a travel agent to begin with. Therefore, it is critical to focus on delivering greater value, rather than a lower price to every customer interested in booking with your company. For example, you could offer personal advice on traveling to a certain destination, take care of the client’s check-ins and airport transportation, or implement a speedy method of finding various vacation package options. Once you have value, you do not need to worry about lowering the price. After all, the client is paying for more than just an online click.


Do not overdo it

After discovering consumer interest, it is important to maintain it without overwhelming it. Stay in touch with clients by sending out an occasional email with exciting deals, giving a birthday promotion, or making a call about a specific destination of interest. Do not, however, send out daily bland emails or beg clients for a sale; this is mundane and quite annoying to many customers.


Start a blog (not a lifestyle one, please)

You can start a travel-related blog just like this one to create content about new destinations as well as solutions to any travel agent dilemmas. This will not only act as a nice addition to your agency’s website, but also build the agency’s credibility, allowing customers to see that you know what you are talking about. Another option is starting a blog on social media; this one is more simple, as it does not require as much writing, but still provides fresh content to current and potential customers.

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