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Stand Out of The Crowd

Today is the era of innovation; startups can be found on any webpage, on any social media platform, on every block of a major city. Websites are filled with advertisements for the sleek, stylish bag that also fits all of your travel items, the super-water that will have your skin glowing, and the app that delivers a freshly-cooked meal and wine of choice to your door every night. Entrepreneurship is affecting every industry in the country, and, quite frankly, its only downfall is the risk that comes along with practicing it. After all, not every consumer will want to buy a skin-clearing, $10 bottle of water, and many people may still prefer to prepare their meals at home. Investing time and money into a startup is tricky and frightening, but not always. In fact, becoming an entrepreneur in the travel industry has come to be a task with no risk at all. Host agencies like BNT Travel Group provide independent travel agents with all of the necessary resources and training to explore entrepreneurship in the travel field- the only thing you need to provide is an idea. The following is a list of ideas that could inspire your next novel, entrepreneurial vacation plan to offer to your friends, co-workers and existing clients:

Spiritual retreats

If you are affiliated with a certain religious institution (e.g. a church, temple, synagogue, etc.) or with a spiritual group, this idea could be quite handy for you. Organizing retreats is simple in terms of gaining customers because you will usually already have them (the people at your temple or your yoga class). The key is to make the retreat unique and accessible to your group of customers. For example, if you know that most of the attendees of your church have families and would not be interested in traveling for a long time, book a retreat house in a serene part of your state that would only take a few hours to get to by coach bus. However, if you are planning a retreat for your meditation class that mostly consists of younger people with fewer obligations, flying to an Asian country and creating an activity-packed itinerary would be more adequate.

Trips with a twist

Vacations to uncommon destinations or with uncommon attributes can be of great interest to various consumer segments. Iceland, for example, is not a country many people have visited, but it is also one with a growing travel industry. Learning about Iceland’s historical landmarks, visiting its endless variety of natural wonders (geysers, waterfalls, etc.) as well as trying its world-renowned salmon is original and inclusive; it is an exciting idea that would be of interest to both older and younger people, people with children and people without them. Another idea of a more unique trip would consist of visiting a country that may not be as obscure (Italy, for example), but having the trip contain an element that would make it stand out compared to similar trips. For example, the trip to Italy could be led solely by an Italian-speaking guide for tourists who are in the process of learning Italian and wish to improve it.

Explorations of the legal, recreational marijuana sphere

The cannabis industry is rising everyday in states with legalized recreational marijuana use, and, as an entrepreneurial, independent travel agent, you can use this rise as an opportunity for growth in your business. By capitalizing on the potential of the marijuana industry, you can create excursions to states such as Colorado and Washington for customers of legal age, during which popular state activities could be paired with the experience of trying various strands of the plant. A layout of a winter season trip could consist of several days of skiing and snowshoeing, as well as of touring several cannabis dispensaries, attending marijuana cooking classes, and receiving a cannabis massage. Such a trip can easily be converted to the summer season by replacing the winter activities with summer ones, such as hiking, mountain-climbing, and cycling.

All these travel ideas can be easily organized and booked using great connections and contracts of BNT Travel Group with tour operators worldwide.

All you need is idea that will stand out of the crowd, passion & patience. And we are here to help you!

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