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The 5 Coolest Destinations of 2018 for Travel Agents and Their Clients

Just like your daily cup of coffee, vitamin intake, or visit to the gym, traveling can become a monotonous habit. Families and couples often book vacations to similar destinations during the same week of the year to fill a personal vacation quota- “I go to the Caribbean every Christmas to relax for a little.” Just like that consumers strip traveling of some of its greatest aspects- excitement, knowledge, and true leisure. After all, going to the Caribbean every year may easily become as boring as going to your annual office holiday party. So, BNT Travel Group presents a groundbreaking list of destinations that will break all traveling habits for both you, an independent agent, and all of your clients.


Only recently experiencing a growth in the travel industry, Iceland is still a novel destination for most travelers. With natural geysers, beautiful waterfalls, and the Northern Lights, it is an extraordinary destination that will leave every client in awe. The largest city in Iceland, Reykjavik, houses only a few hundred-thousand residents and is a picture-perfect, snowy wonderland almost year-round. As an independent travel agent, promoting and selling this destination to every consumer is quite facile; you could offer younger, or more adventure-seeking customers a trip stocked with ATV tours, coast hiking, and recommendations for the best nightlife spots, and older, or less adventure-seeking customers one filled with bus tours to various natural wonders, a relaxing visit to the Blue Lagoon, and reservations to exquisite restaurants.

Galápagos Islands

These islands are packed not only with unique species of animals that can only be found there, but also an extensive history that traces down to the beginnings of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The Galapagos Islands are an excellent destination for customers specifically interested in peacefully exploring various natural ecosystems, the preservation of which is one of the greatest efforts of the local governments. Booking through your host agency, it is easy to find tours and activities at this location that are fit for both young friend groups and families, the children of which will be exposed to an extraordinary, organic wildlife shelter.


A melting pot of remarkable glass skyscrapers sharing streets with authentic cultural sights, Singapore brings together the best of the innovative modern world and centuries of ethnic history. The National Orchid Garden, the extravagant Marina Bay Sands Hotel, alongside the narrow streets of Little India bustling with spice and food markets are all must-visits for every traveler. Considering the travel time and cost of living in Singapore, this destination should be promoted to customers with a higher budget, as well as a wider time frame allocated for vacationing.


Portugal satisfies every type of vacation criterion; be it a relaxing week by the beach, a stroll through European architecture, or a discovery of exquisite tastes and flavors, Portugal is the destination to go to. This location would be of greatest interest to consumers in the younger age group, as well as families. BNT Travel Group outlines a typical ten-day vacation in Portugal to include the following: a flight to Lisbon or Porto with a four-day stay in the city filled with visits to famous cathedrals and castles, followed by a four-hour drive down to Lagos, a beach city on the southern coast, with a six-day stay comprised of trips to various stunning beaches and the Algarve Caves.

Costa Rica

Although a quite popularized destination among American consumers, Costa Rica is worth more than just one visit. The country is not very large in size but offers a different type of vacation experience in every part of itself. Manuel Antonio National Park, for example, features a very tropical climate with a wide assortment of wildlife and exciting activities such as ziplining. Just a four-hour drive away is the area surrounding the Arenal Volcano National Park, which is home to Costa Rica’s natural, thermal mineral springs. As professional travel advisor, talking to your client will help determine the best region for their unique Costa Rican experience.

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