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Proud to Be Travel Leaders

Hello Friends!

It’s such an honor for us at BNT Travel Group to be special guests at Young Professional Travel Leaders of North America that were carefully selected and invited to participate at the special panelist conference at Travel Leaders Network Event (EDGE) in Vegas.

BNT is very thankful to all our families, BNT Travel Team, loyal customers and business partners for the support! We will not be able to succeed without your support!

We truly believe that the future will not possible without us, Travel Leaders.

We are bringing great news to you. Stay tuned!

Over the years, Travel Leaders annual Conference has transformed to become something bigger and more influential than just another meeting. It has grown to become a noteworthy event, one that attracts the attention of the entire travel industry.

EDGE – Educate, Discover, Gather, Evolve.

EDUCATION – Stay ahead of game-changing topics and dive deep into our programs at more than a hundred classes. DISCOVER – Gain key insights from our leadership team and other industry luminaries. GATHER– Network with fellow members and supplier partners during daily educational training and social events. EVOLVE – Access the tools, programs and support you need to professionally grow as a modern travel professional.

This is where you should be to gain a competitive EDGE in the marketplace, the kind only Travel Leaders Network can provide.

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