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Facing financial troubles? We are here to help!

Everyone has had it rough in the money department at least once in their lives. What’s worse, finding a new job following a period of unemployment or financial instability can be tedious. But rest assured. With BNT by your side, it doesn’t have to be. Starting or boosting your career as an independent travel agent today is the best thing that you can do for your financial future. Think about it: what person doesn’t like traveling with quality advice from a professional?

It only takes a fully refundable entry fee of $199, a passion for travel, and a willingness to constantly learn and persevere in customer service to begin earning a stable salary as a BNT independent travel agent. Enjoy flexible work hours determined by you alone, unlimited access to resources and agent support, and no monthly or yearly fees that are typical to other host travel agencies.

At BNT Travel Group, all independent travel agents receive an equal chance to tap into valuable resources, undergo training, and earn commissions. Being part of a community of driven individuals brought together by travel is an excellent way to build connections and maintain the motivation to provide yourself with the monetary reward that you deserve. Plus, you’ll have the choice to go to work in your pajamas (if you wish to do so). No one will judge!

We’re always at your service to help you go the extra mile when providing your customers with all they may need for their dream vacation. Whether you are a fresh face in the travel industry or a venerable veteran, getting an extra boost from a reliable host travel agency will undoubtedly set you off on the right foot! As an independent travel host agency run by a team of dedicated, personable travel agents, BNT values independent travel agents’ individuality and self-sufficient work schedule. You decide how much or how little you work, and we’ll be there for you whenever you need anything.

No need to report back to us—you’re your own boss!

Work at the pace that is right for you. Take the time to collect a reliable client base, stay updated on current travel, and run a business that is built to profit while enjoying the perks of working with BNT. Your pace does not determine what benefits we have in store for you, so do what any successful entrepreneur should: determine the system that works best for your success.

Our independent travel agents work from home part-time and full-time knowing that BNT has their backs no matter what. Encouraging our agents to thrive and providing them with the means to do so are our biggest priorities as a host travel agency. Your financial life should never be in danger because of something outside of your control. Save yourself weeks of tiring job applications and interviews, and start working from home immediately by your own rules.

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