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Hooray!!! We are 17!

Brand New Travel was founded 17 years ago and over the years we have grown from a small retail airline ticket agency to one of the largest host travel agencies in the United States and more than 150 agents across America.

Thank you, BNT Agents, for being a part of the BNT family and for all your hard work and dedication!

To celebrate and make this day special to all of you, BNT is gifting 10% bonus commissions for all bookings created, paid in full, and submitted at the back office from Nov 11 till Nov 19, 2021. Don't forget to indicate promo code BNT17* in the online submission form.

Happy Birthday to us!

*This promo does not apply to bookings submitted before Nov 11. Eligible Bookings must be created and paid in full within the promotional period.

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