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Marketing over email doesn’t have to be hard.

Do you often find yourself thinking: “How can I catch new clients' attention and preserve strong relationships with existing clientele?” One possible solution is email marketing. Investing time into incrementally emailing customers is a great way to maintain communication and form long-time bonds with clients. An email newsletter or campaign will not be an instant success, but with some management, it can become an effective tool to retain customers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when sending out recurring and mass emails to clients.

Firstly, focus on keeping content simple and consistent. Develop a schedule for your newsletter or campaign and plan out your emails months in advance. You can always edit details that come up closer to the date of distribution. However, it is best to keep timely updates accessible to travelers of all kinds, whether they prefer traveling once a year or once a month, vacationing in Prague or in Cancun.

When setting up a newsletter, remember that it is unfavorable to send heaps of emails. Getting in contact once or twice a month should be sufficient for your clients to maintain interest in your services. But you are ultimately the one who will decide what the ideal schedule to update your client base is. Make your system comfortable and manageable for both the recipients and yourself. Making an email list in an appropriate, secure place will help ensure your clients' security and your ability to easily access information. If a hot topic comes up that is only relevant to a specific group of clients, do not hesitate to inform them of the new opportunity or update them on the outcome of a deal. Even so, try to avoid sending niche emails to clients who have not displayed interest in the topic, as regularly receiving unwanted emails may drive them away. The more authentic and personal your emails to a client are, the more likely they are to continue checking up on content you send them!

When addressing your clients, be professional, but don't erase your personality entirely. If your language is dull and your content contains practically no pathos, your clientele may feel as if they are reading sponsorship messages from a robot. This may earn you some unsatisfactory withdrawals.

Sell your product, not yourself. Constantly update your knowledge on clients’ wants and needs, particularly through researching trusted vendors. At the end of the day, your goal is to encourage your email subscribers to keep an eye on your professional social media outlets, invite new faces to your client base, and continue relying on your business themselves. It's best to avoid sounding overly friendly or overly stoic.

Increase your visibility to clients who are looking for what you are providing. One of the age-old tricks of the trade is to be concise and precise. Your clients are not looking for an in-depth analysis of a specific vacation spot—they are most likely looking for a variety of options, good deals, and superb service. Keep it fresh; keep it suave. Stay updated on the details that make your offers stand out!

Make links to both subscribe and unsubscribe easily discernible and available. Social media updates, links beneath your business name in emails to clients, and, of course, pitches in multiple places on your website, are all options that will increase the popularity of your email network in time. Plus, having an easy-to-follow sign up procedure will do wonders.

Your emails may not satisfy everyone, but don’t let withdrawals get you down. A request to unsubscribe may not reflect your ability to maintain a client’s interest. They may simply be limiting the email count in their inbox. Nonetheless, keeping an eye on subscriber counts can guide you in understanding what content works and what you need to work on in future newsletters.

Be sure to double check your emails before you send them out. This may sound like an exaggeration, but proofreading and editing can save your image as a professional. It's always a good idea for more than one individual to look over an email before it is approved to be sent out. Additionally, be sure to first send yourself a copy of every email you are preparing to send to your clients. Mistakes do happen—even after the editing stage—and it's best to catch them before they become irreversible.

Finally, when checking for mistakes, don’t forget to open your email on multiple devices of different kinds (laptops and phones, among others) to make sure that there are no formatting inconsistencies.

These are only a few of the many marketing tips our host travel agency has to offer our independent travel agents. We at BNT Travel Group value our relationship with our independent travel agents and constantly strive to provide them with the best possible information and resources to reach success. Our independent travel agents have access to our online marketing center and to a variety of marketing webinars, along with a wealth of other useful resources. If you are looking for more pointers on how to improve your independent travel agent career or business, feel free to contact our support team at (800) 417-7010, and consider applying today! Staying on top of new ways to contact clients is only one of the many techniques we can share.

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