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All About Commissions

BNT Travel Group Commissions Rate & Structure

Travel agents earn money from the clients they assist and the travel vendors they utilize for their clients’ needs.


There are countless ways to earn money as a travel agent- airline tickets, hotels, resorts, tour companies, car rental companies, vacation wholesalers, and many other travel-related organizations pay commissions ranging from 5% to 40% to travel agents who sell and market their services.


The number of earnings is limitless.  The more you sell, the more you earn.   

As one of the top host travel agencies, we receive the highest commission rates from our vendors (i.e. cruise lines, tour operators, airlines, hotel chains, car rental and insurance companies, etc.). This means higher profits for our agents.

An independent travel consultant at BNT Travel Group receives 80% of commissions on all bookings made without the involvement of the host travel agency.

An extra (over-ride) of 5% is paid to agents producing more than $7500 in commissions annually, equating total agent commissions to 85% of all commissions paid to BNT Travel Group by the vendor.

An extra (over-ride) of 10% is paid to agents producing more than $10000 in commission annually, equating total agent commissions to 90% of all commissions paid to BNT Travel Group by the vendor.

Re-evaluation of the commission structure happens at the end of each calendar year and is based on the agent's sales report from the concluding year.

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Commissions Payment Procedure

Each vendor has it's own commissions-processing procedures. There is no one industry standard of how and when the commissions are paid. As an example, cruise lines pay commissions once the full payment for the booking has been received, while tour operators usually release commissions after the client's trip is completed. .

As soon as BNT Travel Group receives the commissions from the vendor, our accounting department begins to process it for our agents and records.

Once you have paid for the full booking value, you must report (submit) your booking details to BNT Travel Group's back office. This report is not only used to track your commissions, but also to help identify you as the agent responsible for the specific reservation(s), may we or the vendor need to directly contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How much will I earn as an independent travel agent ?

All new agents receive 80% of earned commissions and all advanced travel consultants receive up to 90% of earned commissions.

As an example: a vacation package costs $4700, the vendor pays $752 in commissions to the agency,
the independent travel agent will keep either $602 (80%) or $677 (90%)


2. How and when will I get my commissions ?

When a travel agent makes a booking for their clients, most tour operators and other vendors (e.g. hotels and car rental companies) pay commissions to the travel agency (not to the agent) after the clients complete their trip. Some cruise lines pay commissions after the final payment is made. Once we've received your commissions, we will transfer your part by Zelle or Venmo.

3. How often do I get paid my commissions ?

BNT Travel Group pays commissions to all agents regardless of their status and loyalty with BNT Travel Group once at the end of each month if the total commissions for the month sum up to $100 or more.

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