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Host Travel Agency vs Franchise

Figuring out the difference between host agencies and franchise systems can be exhausting, particularly if you are new to the travel industry. At BNT Travel Group, we go above and beyond to offer you and your Independent Travel Agency the most superb resources. Our independent travel agent program is completely free (Terms & Conditions Apply) 


Host Travel Agency

Host agencies, like BNT Travel Group, are travel establishments that assist in supporting Independent Travel Agents by providing marketing and technology support, professional growth programs, continuing business support, and much more with no fees whatsoever. But be cautious, as there is a widespread variety of host agency models that, unlike BNT Travel Group, have monthly fees and, most disturbingly, hidden fees.

Travel Agency Franchise

Franchise establishments typically operate as pay-to-purchase models with fees for nearly everything you can imagine. Some Franchise establishments charge an initial franchise startup fee of $15,000 or more, additional fees to move or sell your business, and thousands in fees to renew. Frequently disregarded, there is a very complex franchise agreement that locks you into a long-term contract. Franchisers also normally charge you a royalty fee on the gross sale that can add up to large amounts of money.  With BNT Travel Group, there are never any royalty fees.  Our structure is simple and straightforward.


Get on board today! 


Instead of building your own travel agency from the ground up and spending a countless amount of time and money on everything your new business needs, you can begin instantly with a proven foundation and award-winning support system.


Why do travel agents use a host agency?


More and more travel agents today are partnering with a host agencies.  There are many reasons for this but the most important ones include high commission percentages due to the volume of sales, dedicated support and training from professionals, exclusive offers designed specifically for host agency, and educational opportunities like no other.


BNT Travel Group offers our agents all of the above and more.  Our dedication to developing our agents is second to none.


BNT Travel Group is proud to offer no fees, no investments, no startup costs, and no hidden fees to all of our agents.  Whether you are new to the travel business or an experienced travel professional, BNT Travel Group will work with you on developing a successful career.


Suppliers and Tour Operators


By joining BNT Travel Group, you will access to all suppliers and tour operators associated with the travel industry.  In addition, you will also have access to suppliers with whom BNT Travel Group has exclusive partnerships with airlines for special consolidator fares and highest commission levels.  BNT Travel Group has developed relationships over the years allowing us to host networking events where our agents will learn first-hand about new destinations, resorts, specials, and familiarization trips.


Accounting Support


BNT Travel Group keeps track of all accounting associated with your sales.  We process commission as soon as it comes in to get it out to you in a timely manner.  BNT Travel Group provides our agent with payment support, credit card authorization support, and all booking support to allow you to spend your time working with and developing your clients and potential clients.


We Are Always Available


BNT Travel Group is available to support you at any time.  Our trained and experienced support staff will answer your questions, provide you with guidance, and offer assistance by phone, email, chat, and text.  Our agents are our number one priority.

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