Become a Successful Travel Agent

It’s not that difficult to become a Travel Agent. 

But it takes a commitment and continuous effort to become a successful Travel Agent.

How much Travel Agents Get Paid?

What is a realistic expectation of income for those who want to become a travel agent?

The numbers can range dramatically. The average salary for a travel agent is low, around $35K a year, but that’s for employee, (who does not work on commissions), not self employed travel consultants. There is no statistic on this so we can only give you an idea based on our and our home based travel agent's experience. 

it’s a great idea for the beginners to set a goal of $50K in sales for the next 6 month. This is going to generate around $7500 in your commission. Not much to be very excited, right ?! Don't worry if you are taking your new venture seriously. Those six months will be less profitable but very productive in terms of getting the new clients.  

The good news is within next couple years you can build up a decent client's base that will definitely generate much higher revenue especially if you focus on a specific market and destination. With constant learning,  good marketing planning and budgeting  a committed Travel Consultants can find themselves making 6 figures a year.

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Follow these steps to establish yourself as a professional travel advisor: 



  1. Find a good and reliable Host Travel Agency.

  2. Find the right audience, niche market to offer your travel services.

  3. Talk, promote yourself as a travel agent everywhere. Utilize Social Medias to it’s full advantage.

  4. Invest in yourself. Order professional business cards. Create a simple informative website about your brand and services.

  5. Focus on specific destination. Don’t try to sell everything.

  6. Customer service is number One priority in travel business. Great customer service is key to your success. Give a special attention to every client.

  7. Be honest with customers, build long term relationships for continuing success.

  8. Educate yourself. Be informed with latest travel news.

  9. Be advocate for your clients. They need travel professional that is great advocate for them, take on their vision, and help them achieve their goals.

  10. Find the best Host Travel Agency. Establish relationships with travel vendors and networks.

  11. Be passionate about travel industry