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Say "I Do" to Destination Weddings

Almost 80% of international destination weddings take place in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, which aligns with many of the suppliers and resorts. And that's a big opportunity for travel agents to tap in to.

Booking a destination wedding is your chance to earn clients for life.

But destination weddings also come with some mighty challenges.

beach destination wedding

Create the Perfect Package

Many resorts have wedding packages to choose from and there are often multiple options that can meet any couple's preferences and budget. Plus, couples can also purchase add-ons to their packages, like a champagne toast, spa services for the wedding party or an upgraded photography package to customize their wedding.

Resorts may also offer complimentary basic wedding packages or extra wedding perks with qualified group bookings, but it all depends on the resort, so it's important for you to communicate with your resort contact to learn as much as possible about the options available for your couple.

Lock in the Date

January to April and June to August are the prime seasons for destination weddings. The cooler months of the year (October, November and early December) generally have more rooms available and can be more affordable.

Most resorts will not reserve a wedding date until they receive a deposit, which is generally non-refundable but counts toward the overall cost of the wedding. So when your couple is ready to confirm their date with the resort, be ready to pay the deposit.

Since every resort operates differently, it's important to know the expectations your contact at the resort has. To make communication easy, we put together a list of the contact information that you can find login in to our back office area.

Time it Right

Small weddings can be planned in as little as two months, but even large events can easily be planned in nine, which is still a shorter time frame than a traditional wedding. Many Caribbean wedding coordinators won't want to start planning a wedding until it's only four months away, and that is totally normal.

Just be sure you communicate that to your couple so they're not feeling stressed.

Guest list recommendations Couples can generally choose between having a private or semi-private wedding at a resort. If your couple is expecting fewer than 30 guests, they can save money by having a semi-private event. But if they are expecting more than 30 guests, they may need to have a private wedding, which is usually more expensive. This is where the couples' budget is important, because what they're willing to spend can dictate how many people they can invite.

Share legal requirements Different countries have different requirements to get legally married. For example, if your couple is having a legal ceremony in Jamaica, one requirement is that the couple must be in the country for 24 hours before the ceremony can be performed. This may change the couples' travel plans, so you may need to update them accordingly. Sharing this information with your clients can help them be sure they're doing everything right to be legally married outside the U.S.

Engage with Clients

Maximize your social media efforts Learn when and how to boost your destination wedding Facebook posts to get the most out of your social media marketing.

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