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Flash Sale - Keep 100%

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hello BNT Agents, Today we are happy to announce long-awaited flash sale “Keep 100%” on all Vacation Express packages (our Preferred Tour Operator for all inclusive packages to Caribbean, Mexico & Costa Rica) As a reminder for those of you who missed or recently joined us - this unique program (learn more) was designed by BNT Travel Group and allows our agents to keep 100% of the commissions and boost the sale. All Vacation Express bookings made and paid in full between Apr 9-14, 2021 are eligible for 100% commissions. Yes, you will keep all of it with no exclusions! This offer is not valid for bookings made before or after promotional period. BOOK ONLINE Make easier vacation bookings and save valuable time by booking online at Most of you already have the unique login to Vacation Express reservation system, for those who still do not have it, please request at support desk. SUBMIT BOOKING Right after you paid in full for the booking, you must submit it at your back and enter PROMO CODE: EXPRESS100

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